Timeless Thoughts of Additives

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To be blunt, there’s many places to find Some of these herbs on our site for cheap, much cheaper in fact! And although I don’t aim to discredit any of those other companies, I will state some simple facts to look at if you’re Truly interested in top quality.

First of all, a closer examination of any one of those other brands will show a few things that with a little information and context should concern anyone truly looking for All Natural solutions to their everyday life.. Let me explain

In the supplement world, you get what you pay for, plan and simple.

90% of these other brands use things in their products such as

*Magnesium stearate. Now, this is really just a lubricant used for the machine processing the capsules to help them function more efficiently and there for increasing profit, but understand this is not a source of magnesium for your body; don’t be fooled by the name. When found on supplement labels you should be aware of a few things:

1. Magnesium stearate is not a source of magnesium for your body.

2. It’s a mechanical lubricant intended to grease machines for faster production.

3. It has no nutritional value.

4. It’s an additive. (Which we REFUSE in our products).

5. It’s sometimes sourced from genetically engineered hydrogenated oils.

6.  It may affect the release time of active ingredients and slow them down.

7. It may reduce the bio availability of active ingredients; it certainly makes their bio availability unpredictable.

8. It’s sort of like “grease” in that it can affect the digestive tract in sensitive folks.

Now, with that said my thoughts are… although “safe” to consume in most degrees, I’m lead back to the same reasons and purpose I created Timeless in the first place which is; Why add anything? I get it, I truly do… Production is necessary, But for my company, my equipment, my products, and most of all for You! I use pure herbs grown without pesticide’s, delivered to me in sterile packaging, processed on clean equipment washed with hot purified water between each and every batch to assure the equipment is clean and functioning properly, and to keep the product pure.

Here is an article from forbes.com with an example of what I’m speaking about

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    • Yes! White Willow Bark can be used as a replacement for Advil. Willow bark is used as an natural alternative for pain management and as an anti-inflammatory. This is due to its salicin content which is a natural chemical produced by this plant. We do not manipulate this herbs natural properties at all just simply receive this herb from our partnered pure, non-pesticide grow facilities, and mill it down to become more usable in capsule form. Due to this type of raw processing of the plant it becomes more potent than other traditional medications because we are not removing, adding, or altering the actual plant material. Two 300mg capsules will last all day and work to find and truly aid in the areas with pain or inflammation, However in some cases of extreme pain 4 capsules can be used but i caution if this dosage is being used not to exceed this amount in a 24 hour period. No direct harm will come from it, this herb is 100% safe, The only thing i classify as an ‘Overdose’ is that to much of any herb in your system will cause frequent trips to the restroom… Which i suppose can be seen as a good or bad thing. Either way more information can be found on our site, but id be happy to talk more about this with you.

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