Timeless Thoughts of Mulondo

Mulondo Mondia Whitei : Natural And Effective Testosterone Booster

Mulondo (aka Mondia Whitei) is one of the scientific finds of the past decade. A little known plant that is almost solely native to Africa, in particular the tropical areas.

Local tribes have used it as a traditional remedy for hundreds of years. One of the key uses include the treatment of libido, reduced fertility, and erectile dysfunction. Additionally the herb has been used in the treatment of jaundice, headaches and even diarrhea.

Mulondo is a woody climbing plant that has a woody root stock and has red and white flowers. It belongs to the plant family Apocynaceae. Predominantly found at elevations of 1000 – 1500m above sea level, and is commonly found in moist forest areas and swampy grasslands.ative to numerous parts of Africa including Guinea, Nigeria, The Sudan, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Swaziland and South Africa.

The tuberous rootstock has a taste likened to licorice or ginger with a vanilla type aroma. The flowers emit a fruity scent which grows as the day progresses. Use as supplement has until quite recently been limited to the local tribes and their traditional medicines, however in recent times, western science has discovered more about this plant and its medicinal benefits.

Numerous clinical studies have been carried out and its ability to boost testosterone and provide all the associated benefits linked to increased hormone production has been officially documented.

Why Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the key male sex hormone (although it is present in females to a much lesser degree), as we begin puberty, its production increases dramatically and is responsible for our development into adult males.

It helps to develop our deeper voices, body and facial hair growth, our muscularity, strength, along with our sexual development, confidence and in fact everything ‘manly’.

Remaining at its peak though our twenties, our testosterone production starts to naturally deplete as we pass into and through our thirties. Experts tell us that this natural reduction occurs at between 1-2% per year. The reduction is not generally noticeable at first but as the years go by, its quite common for men to experience the symptoms of reduced testosterone production.

The symptoms can include the following:

Reduced Muscle Tone and Strength

Lack Of Energy

Increased Body Fat

Reduced Moods, Irritability and Anxiety

Erectile Dysfunction

Weak Or Even Non Existent Sex Drive.

By the time a man reaches 50-55, his testosterone production could be as much as 40% lower than it was at its peak.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

A great way of increasing your natural testosterone production is by supplementing with a proven, natural testosterone booster.

Popular with younger men who prefer to use them in place of risky anabolic steroids to help boost muscle mass and strength alongside regular workouts, their use by older men seeking to help regain their youthful vitality is slowly but surely increasing in popularity.

With over 15 million men in the US alone suffering with the effects of low testosterone to some degree, it truly is a global problem, fortunately is one that can be helped by supplementing with Mulondo (mondia whitei).

How Does Mulondo Work?

When it is took in Supplement form it works in 3 ways. Firstly it provides the optimum hormonal environment that encourages the body to increase  its own natural testosterone production.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that taking Mulondo on a daily basis for 8 days produces significant increases in both serum and testicular testosterone. It has also been shown to boost sperm motility and increased testicular size.

Increased testosterone helps in many ways, it boost libido, fertility, muscle mass, strength and energy levels. it also helps to control belly fat, moods and sleep quality too.

It also works as an effective aphrodisiac. By relaxing the blood vessels in the penis, it allows a greater supply of blood to flow into the chambers (Corpus Cavernosum), this helps provide a solid and longer lasting erection. It has also been proven to help boost sperm motility boosting male fertility.

Mulondo has demonstrated a powerful ability to boost the potency of erections, it has shown that it can increase vasodilation and reduce penile tissue contraction rather like the effects of the prescription drug Sildenafil (better known as Viagra).

Working in the same way as Viagra, it can provide similar benefits without the well documented health risks and side effects.

Timeless Botanicals Mulondo (Mondia Whitei)

We are proud to be one of the first supplement manufacturers to harness the natural power of this virtually unknown natural t-booster and aphrodisiac.

We have taken pure, organic Mulondo, have added nothing and taken nothing away, no fillers, or additives, our supplement delivers a potent 600mg dose of Mulondo daily.

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    • The simple answer is, yes. What symptoms are you experiencing? Let me know, we can get to work finding a good solution for you.

    • This supplement has the potential to increase size, yes. This is individually based on your diet and habits, poor diets and lack of proper exercise lead to a decrease in testosterone thus leading to a stunted ‘member’ size. but do keep in mind this herb helps the natural production of testosterone, which encourages whole body health rather than focusing solely on penis size. this begins to take effect after about the first week of standard dosage with its full effects being realized once reaching 18 grams, or 1 full month at the recommended dose of 2 capsule a day.

  • From where can get the above product?
    What is the dosage
    What is the price?
    Within how many days can the product delivered to me ?

    • You can purchase this supplement right here from timelessbotanicals.com
      dosage and price are all on the product page. if you are within the US there is 2 day priority shipping, outside of the US shipping is based on USPS and your local mail services

    • as this herb builds into your system it helps to naturally produce testosterone. Unfortunately after the age of 30 men lose levels of testosterone. This supplement will help keep those levels higher but aside from eating right and exercise there is no permanent solution.

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