Herbal vs Synthetic

In general, we’ve tried to make our stance clear, when the differences between herbal medicine and pharmaceutical drugs becomes a topic of conversation. We wanted to go a little more in depth for those of you on the fence about what you’d like to put in your body

First, please note that contrary to popular belief, many pharmaceuticals are derived from natural plants. Take Aspirin as one example, the base component to pain relief via this method is a naturally occurring chemical called Salicin, Salicin comes from the bark of the White Willow Tree which can be harvested and refined to produce this chemical.

Talking about pharmaceuticals, there is an important distinction to make, “synthetic drugs”’ are drugs that do not occur naturally in nature such as methamphetamine.

Nature itself has inspired mankind since the beginning of time. With man’s common belief that everything that grows in nature has beneficial effects, compared to the products of synthetic origin. The medical profession is as old as the human history and so is the history of medicine. In the current era, with advancement in medical science, the intensity of diseases has also increased. New medicines are being developed for the treatment of complicated diseases but these medicines are themselves associated with a number of side effects that range from minor to severe intensity.The medicines from nature on the other hand appear to be more effective than the synthetic counterpart.

As shown in an article published online 2015 Jan 1 from NCBI, PMC, and The National Institute of Health

“About 8% of hospital admissions in the United States of America are due to adverse or side effects of synthetic drugs. Approximately 100,000 people each year die due to these toxicities. It means that the people killed in the U.S. by pharmaceutical drugs are at least three times more than that killed by drunk drivers. Each year thousands of people die from supposedly “safe” over-the-counter drugs. Deaths or hospitalizations due to plant based herbs are so rare that they are hard to find. Even, the National Poison Control Centres of the United States does not have a category in their database for side or adverse reactions to herbs.”

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