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We offer PURE Mulondo with absolutely NO FILLERS.  Mulondo is a healthy way to boost your body’s testosterone production.  Many people take harmful supplements in order to increase testosterone.  Low testosterone is a big deal as you will see below.   We keep everything pure because we don’t want solving one problem to cause a different new problem.   We want you to be healthy, happy and vigorous for a long time so you will choose to come back to us for more PURE Mulondo with no additives.  We want to improve your life the healthy way.

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Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) 30Day


 Natural way to boost testosterone: With a focus on holistic health, this is scientifically proven to improve testosterone production.

100% botanical: The ingredients are sustainably sourced directly from the medicinal plant Mondia whitei of the tropics to enhance men’s health.

No side effects: Unlike synthetic testosterone boosters, this herbal medicine for men poses zero side effects.

Free from additives: Guaranteed no fillers and additives, every capsule is made of 100% Mondia whitei and no synthetic chemicals.





Clinically Proven To Boost Testosterone, Libido, Energy, And Performance


With a great focus on holistic health, the Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) is the perfect natural remedy to low testosterone levels that impact overall well-being. This herbal medicine for men not only aims to remedy low testosterone levels but also aims to influence positive behavior for improved physical and mental health and wellness.


An increase in testosterone is accompanied by a significant increase in focus and energy, and the ability to heal from injuries also improves. These positive changes can help drive men to exercise harder, decrease stress, and sleep better, which all contribute to physical and mental wellness.


Furthermore, Mulondo supports male fertility and reproductive health by increasing libido, sperm motility, and aiding erection. Apart from centuries-old evidence throughout Africa of its male enhancement and libido boosting effects, scientific research evidence indicates that Mulondo can increase libido by stimulating testosterone production, increasing potency by being able to relax the corpus cavernosum muscle thus aiding erection and improving sperm total motility and progressive motility. Mondia Whitei’s natural way to boost testosterone has been suggested to help in the treatment of asthenozoospermia (low motility) as well as erectile dysfunction.



 Results of Mulondo may vary depending on individual differences and dosage. Here are some of the reported benefits of taking Mulondo regularly.


• Improves libido or sexual desire

• Increases likelihood of spontaneous erections

• Enhances male fertility

• Treats erectile dysfunction (ED)

• Potentially increases the size of erection

• Regulates sleep pattern and improves sleep quality

• Sharpens focus and concentration

• Increases motivation

• Improves muscle bulk and strength

• Enhances bone density

• Improves chest muscle tightness

• Suppresses fat deposits on the breasts

• Decreases stress and fatigue

• Alleviates depression and improves mental health

• Holistically improves men’s health


 We recommend a continued dosage of 18 grams a month to maintain sexual enhancement and sustained performance. This supplement comes in a 30-day supply, averaging 85 capsules at 300mgs each. Take two a day or 600mgs for best results.

This herb and our products have been reviewed by Paul Gardner. You can review more of his writing regarding low testosterone  at the links below.

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1 review for Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) 30day

  1. Manny

    5 months of use now and I am a believer. Lots more energy, no longer dosing off on the couch around 7pm. Feel energized all day, vigorous and ready for action. Even my blood pressure has normalized since taking these pills.

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