Affiliate Resources

Watch this quick video to help you get started.

Become An Affiliate

This is where you’ll start getting all set up.

Once you get past that part you’ll be ready to start posting links.. ill show you how below..

Store Affiliate / Login

After you have logged in, go Inside the Store Affiliates section, This is where you get access to our links.

This will also be where you find many helpful resources..

Sales Tracking

In the Sales section you can see any active orders that have been placed recently associated with your affiliate ID.

You can also access the Payment History section to find and track all your previous sales commissions


In this section you’ll find all the links needed to start earning commissions.

Simply select which product you will be covering in your post, Click on the blue highlighted name associated with the chosen topic, And copy the full Affiliate link in the ID section of the next page.

But How Will This Get Me Commissions?

Once you have copied the Full Link from the ( < ) symbol to the other ( >) symbol… go create a post on any social media platform and place this link inside the creation box, add the text you’d like before or after the < > symbols, and post. easy.

Don’t Forget To Tag Us!

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