About Us

Timeless Botanicals was founded in 2016 by Co-founders Christopher Willard and Mitch Keamy.

>>> (Chris’s personal story here) <<<

We are “chosen family” and find that working together to bring healthy alternatives to the world is a joy! The goal we share helps drive the business.

Timeless Botanicals started not only as a hobby but as a means to finding answers to medical issues Chris began to have. with no solutions in sight, he turned to his ancestors and found his path among the Druids and later became an Ovate (natural healer). So what was just something to pass the time and find answers at first, quickly bloomed into a business model that is as rare as the herbs we enjoy working with.

Here we strive to find the best and most useful herbs the world has to offer. Although currently a small, humble operation we have large goals to bring purity back to herbal medicine

Unfortunately today herbal products and supplement companies have (for the most part) lost their standards over time by adding fillers, additives, and other blends. These blends tend to be counter intuitive or simply too complex to do any good. Our unique aim is to bring these things back to their former glory by offering simple, dose based products to create direct results. No fancy blends or confusing ingredients, no chemical preservatives, and no rice fillers… because come on, who wants rice in their herbal remedies?

We also aim to find herbs used all over the world, because we do not wish to limit our scope of possible benefits. By doing so we have found rare and exotic herbs used in some regions of the world that have never before been seen in the United States. We have gladly gone through and cut the red tape to allow the importation of these plants and herbs.

Along with rare herbs, we also use some of the more common herbs because sometimes the simplest options tend to work the best. Remember the KISS method?

At Timeless Botanicals it is our guarantee, you will find what you need without ever worrying about what else you might be putting in your body.

We are here to help, Because we are here for you. Its just that Simple.