About Chris

Hey, I’m Chris!

A little bit about me… and how Timeless Botanicals came to be…

First off, I have always had a connection with nature.. But this has been something difficult to explain, Since my early years it has felt more like a conversation taking place between me and the world in a language I had yet to understand.

The first real instance where i found natural healing and herbal medicine wasn’t until i got into my early 20s and began to develop some medical issues.

These issues consisted of, To name a few; Vertigo episodes, extreme heart palpitations, along with (what can only be described as) a feeling of panic or the coming of a heart attack… this feeling of course was said to be caused by anxiety… which to anyone who knows me is strange as i am one of the most calm people around.

old picture of me…

During pretty much all of my 20s i did different levels of security ranging from basic security stuff to becoming “Captain” and managing 100s of security personnel within the company i worked for at that time, even doing personal security and body guarding from time to time.. all of which consisted of me carrying gear and tools such as a ballistic vest and firearm on my person daily.

new cane, new glasses

When these medical issues began to catch up to me in my late 20s, I started to feel like a burden to those around me… I went from being full able bodied, Carrying 20+ pounds of gear everyday, getting into stuff, wrestling people, making arrests… dealing with altercations, firefights etc etc…

Now I’m 30… with a cane, and can barely walk through a store without feeling like I’m gonna fall over…..

Naturally i was forced to leave that industry due to these medical issues coming up while on the job.

And so…

After many doctor visits, trips to the hospital, and years of being told “these feelings are normal” and “just get use to them” or “you’re just having a panic attack” i got tired of it.

After about a year of exams and check-ups a Doctor eventually told me to start an aspirin regimen to help with any heart issue i might be having.. At that time i was also informed that “at your young age, taking this medication for an extend time will cause other issues in your body”

This made me curious… Why I’m being told to take something that will cause me more problems in the long run? After all, I’m trying to get away from problems.

Turns out its the fillers and all the added stuff that causes the break down of your body over time…

Now Understand… I am what i like to call an “information junky” meaning, once i find something of interest that i don’t know much about i dig in and find my answers. So i started researching what i could by any means possible..

Searched through every Library in town…

Read every medical book i could get my hands on…

Combed through the plethora of information online

Contacted all manors of “experts

Until… one day, tired of research finding little results… i ventured into an area of research i hadn’t thought of before

Herbal Medicine

At this very moment it was like nature started screaming at me and i knew i had found my answer… My younger years of not knowing the way the universe was trying to communicate with me ceased in an instant.

I started looking into herbs and even enrolled in some classes to further my knowledge of these natural medicines.

The first herbs i worked with were Lavender; to calm my mind and relieve the stress i had been feeling, and White Willow Bark; to make my heart healthy again.

After that i got to thinking… “i wonder what else i can help with herbs”

Beyond that it became “WHO else can i help with herbs?”

I then set out to make supplements that required nothing but the natural plant material that actually helps with issues

Which is all you’ll find in my products to this day..

And to make what could be a much longer story shorter…

Timeless Botanicals was Born.

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